Why Is Apple Macbook Pro Is So Expensive ?

Why Is Apple Macbook Pro Is So Expensive ?

Why Is Apple Macbook Pro Is So Expensive

Have you ever wondered that why is Apple Macbook so expensive ? if yes then read this article to get the answer to this question ?

Do you know that in the cost of Apple macbook you can buy two windows laptop with the same configuration or even more that it But still people love to buy Apple macbook pro and they can even pay more for it.

So whenever people buy Macbook pro for the first time they thought that it is very costly or they think that in this cost they can also build a good pc, buy later when they use it then they realize it’s power and importance and why Apple charge so much money for there Mac book pro.

You may also have seen in some meetings or interviews that the companies that make there own laptops but still they use macbook pro for their work. why ? they use is because of it’s looks and designs and it’s high build quality.

Apple macbook feels very premium as compared to other laptops. If we talk about apple macbook design it is very simple and attractive. And the other hand it is very slim as compared to other laptops .

So according to me the build quality that you see in Apple macbook pro will not be in any other laptop. And because of this it is costliest laptop that other laptops buy still people buy it.


Why Is Apple Macbook Pro Is So Expensive

So now let’s talk about it’s performance. The performance that you get in apple macbook pro will not be there in any other laptop as it is highly optimized according to the user’s experience. It’s hardware and software is designed to provide to provide very smooth and fast performance. You will not find any kind of lag in macbook pro and sometimes in other laptops we have to again and again click on the application to open them but you will never find any kind of problem like this.

When we open application it takes a lot of time to open as compared to macbook pro. On practical basis i have used window i7 and Apple i5 laptop , so you can see the difference between i5 and i7 buy the i had better performance on apple i5 laptop on this basis you can get an hint about it’s performance.

Video editing

Why Is Apple Macbook Pro Is So Expensive

video editing is the thing because of which most of the people buy apple mac book pro.All the professional people who are content maker’s and who travel all the time and want to edit there videos use apple macbook for them as in Apple macbook the rendering time is very less as compared to windows laptop.

You can use heavy video editing software such as final cut pro and edit your videos very smoothly , you will not find any kind of lag in the timeline you can even edit 4k videos easily in it.

If we compare rendering time in windows laptop it is around 25-30 min whereas in macbook it’s around just 5-10 minutes even it is a 4k file. So in macbook you get a very less rendering time which save you a lot of time.


So you will get to know about macbook pro display when you will buy it and use it , I the starting i also thought that why apple charge so much amount for this laptop but later after using it i realized this. When i used it i got to know that why it’s display is different from other laptops . So while using it the color experience you get is very amazing as sometimes when you edit your videos and watch them in your mobile you experience a color change but in this laptop you will never find this type of problems like this and it always provide you true color.

So now the biggest reason that why people use apple macbook pro is that it can easily run very heavy software. If we compare it to windows laptop you can use all types of heavy softwares. In this you can do all types of heavy work load smoothly.

Sometimes you have to run heavy software in windows and when you try to open then they have a very long lode time And sometimes it even crashes buy in macbook pro you will never face such problems.

So this is the reason why people like developer use macbook pro for there work as they have to do heavy work on it. And all the video editors that have to do 4k editing and do all other heavy work use apple macbook for there work as they know that all the load of there work can be only handled by macbook pro.


So the next thing is ecosystem, you are may be awarded of the apple’s ecosystem. If you once came in apple ecosystem it will be not possible to escape from it as apple provides you such a good ecosystem that is you use it’s products once you will can never escape from it.

So if you buy an apple i-phone and you loved it’s performance and in future you will love to use it , so when you think to buy a smart watch you will definitely buy apple watch and if future if you want to buy a laptop because of the good experience with apple you will definitely buy apple laptop .

If you want to use laptop for a long term then apple macbook pro is best, i am saying this because after 1 year windows laptops get’s very slow and the boot time of the laptop also increases and if you will use any kind of software they will crash or open very slow . So the overall performance you will get in windows laptop will be very disappointing and if we talk about macbook pro it will never disappoint you , as it is very good for long term use. Initally the cost is very high but if you will go for long term it is the best laptop. So these are some of the reasons that why people buy macbook pro.

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I hope you all had a good time reading this article and if you have any kind of question regarding this article you are free to comment below.

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