Which Processor Does Apple Use ? 2020

Which Processor Does Apple Use ?

This is the biggest question that comes in mind of many people that Which Processor Does Apple Use to make it’s phones faster that Android devices. So in this article i will be deeply talk about processors used by Apple.

So most of us know that Apple is a company who embraces proprietary technology. While other companies outsource, Apple keeps things in-house whenever possible, and the chips found in ios devices are no exception. while Samsung, Microsoft, and HTC rely on Qualcomm and Intel for chipsets,

Apple has its own team of engineers to work on proprietary designs exclusive to their devices. And it all started in 2008 when Apple purchased a small semiconductor company called P.A semi for a rumored $278 million in cash.

Well, in technically started a little earlier than that . Because prior to the introduction of the Apple “A’ series chipset, Apple designed several system-on-a-chips in early versions of the i-phone and iPod touch that were manufactured by Samsung. These chipsets integrated a single ARM-based processing core or CPU, and other electronics necessary to provide mobile computing a single package.

The first of these system-on-a-chips was used in the first i-phone in 2007 . It was called the APL0098 and included a 412 MHz single-core-ARM11 cpu and a powerVR MBX LITE GPU on a 90 nm process.

That probable sounds like a bunch mumbo-jumbo, but this technology is what enabled mobile devices to become powerful pocket computers that we can’t live without today.

This chipset have received three upgrades, the first was at the end of 2008 which included a faster 533 MHz CPU which was used by the second gen ipod touch . The second in mid 2009 which again saw it’s CPU upgraded, but this time 600 MHz which was included in the i phone 3GS. And the final upgrade of this series place at the end 2009 and featured a smaller footprint in order to fit inside the slim third-generation ipod touch.

Why apple processor is fastest ?

So now let’s talk that why is apple’s processor fastest that other processors.

Apple started to build it’s own processor in 2010 and the best thing is that apple processor is very different from Qualcomm processor. The first thing i would like to told is about ARM company , ARM is a UK based company who designs Architecture for processors and this Company gives license to other company to design there architectures it includes snapdragon and many more.

What apple does is that is takes license from ARM company but it is of different type . For eg it takes license to make it’ custom cpu , however they want. They designed there processor in such a way to give the highest performance that all other smartphones . And to give maximum performance what apple does is it designs it’s own gpu.

And does many other things also such as them match the hardware with the software and optimize both things completely own it’s own. Which makes it’s phone different from other phones.

Apple do every thing own it’s own . They make’s there own apps . The make there own language and etc.

This means that apple has designed its own ecosystem in which it has its full control like it has it’s control on the GPU , CPU, Hardware, Software, etc.

And with the use of all these thing apple obtain highest out put in it’s phone.

So till now you may have understood that how apple make its own fastest processor

So that’s it

I hope you have a good time reading this blog and if you have any question regarding this article you are free to comment below.

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