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Which Is Samsung Cheapest Flagship Smartphone ?

Which Is Samsung Cheapest Flagship Smartphone

Are you looking for a cheap and affordable smartphone ? if yes then read this article in which i had reveled the best samsung Flagship smartphone.

The best and cheapest flagship phone that i will be talking about in the blog is samsung galaxy note 10 lite. In this phone you get almost every feature of samsung s-20.

Why samsung galaxy note 10 lite is a cheapest flagship phone ?

so lets start from it’s :-


Samsung never compromise for display in there smartphones, In this phones it provides us an 6.7 inch FHD+ super Amoled 20:9 display. So obviously you will have a lot of good time watching movies and playing video games.

On the back side of phone it comes with poly carbonated back with glossy finishing which looks amazing when any kind of light falls on it.

Now the build quality of the phone is also amazing and you know that the material that samsung uses in there phones is of very good quality and the in hand feel is also very solid .


So the thing that makes samsung note series different from other smartphones is its s-pen. The good thing is that the s-pen is only available in very expensive phones of samsung but in this cheap and affordable phone they have provided it. So this phone you get support of s-pen through which can create your notes, or you want to do smart thing like taking screen short or you want to keep your phone some where and click picture you can do it with it’s s-pen

So the biggest thing is that you get the all feature of note 20 + in this flagship phone. The experience of s-pen is very exciting and if you want to have that experience of this pen you can go with this budget flagship phone.


So in this phone you get 12 MP rear camera, 12 MP wide camera , 12 MP Telephoto camera & 12 MP Ultra wide camera And this are those cameras that samsung used in it’s note 10 series. So in this phone you get to see flagship cameras.

so if i personally talk about it’s rear camera it’s awesome as we get a flagship level camera in it which make the picture quality very good. You even get good images in uneven lighting and you can record 4k videos with this phone and the stabilization of videos is also very good.

In front camera you are provided with a 32 MP camera. It had a very good detailing in the photos and the skin tone is also very real and amazing. So i can say this that its selfie camera will never disappoint you weather you are inside or outside.

so if you want to buy this phone or have a look on the specification of this phone on amazon you can click here

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So this phone comes with EXYNOS 98 10 10nm octa- core processor. And if we talk about talk about it’s performance , it is very good it can be also used for heavy gaming. So according to me in this phone you will never have problem while playing games nor using heavy software.

This phone comes with 6 gb ram and 128 gb rom and expand upto 1 tb And it’s price is 39,999 which is a great price for this phone where you get all those features of note 10 series

Battery Backup

In this you get a 45000 mAH batter which comes with a 25 watt fast charger. so you also get a very good battery backup in this phone. If talk about it’s version it comes with samsung one ui 2.1 samsung knox samsung pay. so you already know that how good is samsung ui . So now i have shared all the features about samsung note 10 light now it’s your turn to buy it.

so that’s it i hope you had a good time reading this article , i have told my opinion about this smartphone if you want you can also share your opinion in the comments below.

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