Where will be Quantum Physics be 1 year From Now

What is Quantum Physics ?

To understand what is Quantum Physics we have to go more than 100 of years back in time.

We know that how the world was figured out , we could explain the motion of objects, the waves on strings, the motion of planets , etc

But when we think something nature throws us problems. There were 3 major reasons that gave birth to Quantum Physics

The first was in 1900 when many groups of bulb manufacturers approached max Planck ,

they wanted to make there bulbs more durable and efficient so this required a better understanding of the famous black body curve.

Planck was not able to solve this problem, after a lot of brain storming

he made an assumption that energy in the form of light can only be emitted in discrete amounts .

It cannot be emitted continuously ,Plank did not understand the importance of this.

Five years later Albert Einstein , realised the importance of Planck’s work and used it to explain the photoelectric effect.

This was second push to classical mechanics .

The 3rd and the final nail in the classical Physics came from Neil’s Bohr

When we pass electric current to ionize the gas observe it under spectrometer , we see some spectral lines.

There origin could not be explained by that existing theory . Bohr’s theory was the first explain the structure of atom.

Is this is just Quantum Physics ? Then why it is so weird and difficult to understand

So the answer to this lies in the physical interpretation of offbeat concepts .

1. Quantum Tunneling

Let’s assume you have a bouncy ball with you and you are hitting it at a wall , what happens it ?

It keeps on coming back to you But if there comes a point that the ball disappears in the wall and then appears on the other side of it

this is what Quantum Tunneling is.

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Quantum Tunneling

So if i honestly tell you that if Quantum Physics had not shocked you , you haven’t understood it yet.

So Thank you for reading this article and if you have any question regarding this article you are free to comment down below.

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