“When Will 5G Launch In India” ? Bad News !

When Will 5G Launch In India
Now a days in telecom industry the thing that is being talked the most is the launch date of 5G network . People are also waiting for this fast network .

As you have already read in the headline that 5g will soon launch in India . But there is a possibility that it might be launched late .

Some updates have reveled that the 5g network will be released in the next year 2021 .

It was said that the base price of the 5g network is too high and at this price it can’t be launched And it has been finale that the price will not be reduced.

So “When Will 5g Launch In India” ?

People say that the 4G network is still not working properly , sometimes it’s network does not come and sometimes it’s internet does not work So how will 5g be launched .

Whenever we talk about some wireless technology like 4G or 5G network it’s not like that the telecom companies will immediately provide it to you after developing it .

There is a full process on which these telecom companies test there network . They first develop the technology , They develop it’s whole spectrum and then it’s auction is held.

And after that all processes official trial is done and if this trial gets successful then only the high speed internet is launched .

So in India on which level is 5G network ? In this country telecom companies are trying to build this network and jio had already done it’s testing .

But these companies are waiting for 5G spectrum auction because of which the release date of this 5G network is delaying . So we can say that after the auction is held then only this 5G network will be launched in India.

The auction of 5G network was to be held in the month of March but because of this huge pandemic it has been delayed .

And after all that Department of Telecommunications has declared that they will start the testing of 5G network in the month of November .

But now September has also crossed and again the testing of 5G network has been delayed . It has been now finally declared that the auction of the 5G network will now be held in the year 2021 in the first month which is January .

If we see this in the comparison of other countries like US , UK , China , South Korea , Japan , Australia and other European countries 5G services has been launched.

In India the auction of the 5G spectrum is again and again been getting delayed because of two reason which is this huge pandemic and the other reason is that of RS 492 Crore/MHz base price on which companies like airtel and vodaphone are not convinced .

If auction will be held then their are chances that these companies will not participate because of this high base price .

So the status of India is that it will start the 5G network trial form the month of March and it would that a lot of time for 5g to Reach in India.

So how much it will take ? It is being said that we have to wait for around 2 years for this high speed 5G network .

When Will 5G Launch In India

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