“What To Do After Buying A New Phone” ? 2020

what to do after buying a new phone ?

What To Do After Buying A New Phone

So in this blog i will be sharing the things that you should do after buying a new phone that can make you smartphone journey amazing.

when you buy a new smartphone or you shift from your old smartphone to a new one then the first thing you have to do is :-

1. Data Backup & Restore

What To Do After Buying A New Phone

Data Backup and restore is a very important process that you should do after buying a new smartphone. To do that you have to take backup from google in you old smartphone.

Remember that google backup is very important as if your phone would be lost then you may also lose you all important data .

Whenever people buy a new phone they set up the face unlock feature in there phones but face unlock feature is not at all secure . And if you set up your fingerprint then at least set up two fingers as if you one hand is busy or dirty you can use you other hand or finger to access you phone.

What To Do After Buying A New Phone

2. Phone Case

You are not used to your new phone you should be using a case to protect your phone from any kind of damage . When you get used to your phone then you can remove it and use you phone without it But it would be best if you will always use your phone with phone case.

What To Do After Buying A New Phone

3. Find My Phone

So when you buy a new new phone you download all other app and you forget about this app which is find my phone . This is a very good app provided by google and if you forget you phone somewhere or louse it then it would become easy for you to locate your phone.

What To Do After Buying A New Phone

4. Store IMEI No

What To Do After Buying A New Phone

This is also a very important factor which helps you to locate your phone when it get stolen or lost. So you should keep the imei no of you phone physically somewhere.

5. Charge The Battery

So the first thing that you should do after just buying the phone is you should check the battery level and if the battery level is below 50 % then you should definitely charge it.

When people buy a new phone they say that there phone’s battery backup is not good There use there phone very much buy let me tell you that first let the phone complete 10-15 charge cycles and after that you phone’s battery will be properly optimized .

6. User Interface

When ever you buy a new phone you would may not be comfortable with it’s users interface or any launchers. so you should customize your phone according to your needs and you can also install another launcher from play store if you are not comfortable with the default .

7. Update you phone

After buying your new phone you should regularly update it as some of the security updated are very important for your phone. the most important update in you phone is security update in your phone.

As the backdoor present in you phone form which hackers can access your phone will be closed with the help of security update.

8. Uninstall Bloatware

There is a lot of bloatware present in you phone by default which can decrease your phones performance. You can delete the preinstalled app in your phone that you do not need.

9. Understand your phone

The most important thing you should do is that you should spend you time with you phone and to the setting and then explore each and every setting of your phone.

so that’s it

i hope you had a good time reading this article and if you have any question regarding this article you are free to comment below.

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