“What To Do After Buying A New Laptop” ? 2020

What To Do After Buying A New Laptop ?

In this blog i will talking about the things that you should do and the mistakes that you should avoid after buying a new laptop.

1. Register windows 10

What To Do After Buying A New Laptop

So the first thing that you have to do is register windows 10 . Most of the people do this mistake , So if you buying a new laptop these days then you will be provided windows 10 by default buy you have to register that windows 10 with you Microsoft account so that your license is extended to lifetime .

But if you will not register windows 10 then the next time when you will reset your laptop it’s window will also be deleted . So to use the original window you have to register your windows 10 .

2. Register MS office

What To Do After Buying A New Laptop

In some laptops you will be by default provided with MS office but you have to register that like to did before to register your windows 10 .

To do that you can simply open you ms world or excel and then there will be a option to register and you can directly register MS office form there But you have to only if you are provided ms office by default.

If you are not provided ms office by default then you have only two options , the first one is that you can buy it and the second options is that you can use that crack versions of it.

3. Stock windows 10 problem

What To Do After Buying A New Laptop

sometimes there is a problem is the preinstalled window for eg : the window is not providing the performance that it should or the window is not working properly .

So if you are facing such problem then you have to reinstall you windows 10 and after that your laptop will start working normally. And if you will reinstall the window they your laptop will become fresh and all the preinstalled application will also be deleted because of which you laptops performance will increase.

But remember that before reinstalling the window you have to register that windows 10 as if you will not do so then you have to use the pirated version of your windows 10 .

4. Update windows 10

What To Do After Buying A New Laptop

So when you buy a new laptop sometimes its security patches become out-dated So you have to updated your laptop to the latest versions to get the best performance and security .

To do that you have to simply go to the settings and then go to update and security and then you have to check that is there any update or not .

You can turn the auto update as no one wants his/her laptop being update between normal use.

5. Delete windows junk files

whenever you update your laptop your laptop gets filled up with a lot of junk files So you can delete all that junk files to run you laptop fast and smoothly .

So to do that you have to go to search and then write disc cleanup and you can clean the clean all the temp. files present in your laptop and after doing this you computers performance will definitely increase.

6. Delete temporary files regularly

You can regularly clean you temporary files to make you computer faster and so that there is no decrease in you laptops performance .

So to delete you temp. files you have to go to start and then type %temp% and then press enter . After that you will find a folder of temp files and then you have to delete all than temp file. There will be some files that cannot be deleted so don’t worry, you can leave the files which cannot be deleted.

7. Disc partition

I have seen most of the people who never do disc partition after buying a new laptop . If you laptop is only provided with hdd and all is of c-drive and in this c-drive people put there all movies and application ,etc . So this is not good as this can make you laptop slow.

So you should always do partition of your c-drive and then store you all movies, music, application, etc in another drive.

8. Sleep mode & restart

This is the most common mistake made my most of the people is that they always keep there laptop in sleep mode it’s not bad to keep laptop in sleep mode buy its not good to keep your laptop in sleep mode for several days or months.

So please do not make this mistake you should properly shut-down you laptop .

And at least one in a week or month restart your laptop as this will clean all your junk files and unused data present in your laptop .

If you will never restart your laptop they it will become very slow and when you will restart it after many weeks or months it will take a lot of time to do that process.

9. Important software needed

So the next important thing is that you need many important software . For eg : if you have to watch movies then you have to install vlc , you have to install winzip or other basic software.

In gaming laptop these software are provided by default .

10. Startup setting of software

There are some software which automatically get start when you start your laptop for eg : stream : with which you play games or spotify ,etc . So these are some of the software that automatically get started when you start your laptop and they make your laptop slow .

So need to stop them form auto startup . So to do that you have to go to your task manager it is very easy to go to the task manager . you have to simply press ctrl + shift + esc and then your laptops task manager will open and then you have to click on startup and then you will find many software that automatically gets startup . So you can stop the unwanted software that you do not need.

so that’s it

I hope you had a good time reading this article and if you have any question regarding this article you are free to comment below.

What To Do After Buying A New Laptop

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