What Is Rom ? How Is It Different From Ram ? 2020

What is Rom ?

In the previous article i have talked RAM and now i will be talking about ROM . So What is ROM ? full form of ROM is ( Read only Memory ) .

ROM can also be called as the internal memory of an device and it is present it all types of Electronic devices such as Microwave, washing machine, fridge, etc , So ROM is used to install a preinstalled software in a device.

Rom is of two types the first one is Primary memory and the other is also the part of primary memory which is know as secondary memory. ROM contains Non volatile data , It means that data can even be stored in it without presence of light or any energy. In RAM when energy is not provided to it . it loses its all data but in ROM it does not lose its data the software and the firmware got stored in it.

Different types of ROM –

1. PROM : Full form of PROM is ( Programmable Read Only Memory ) In this type of ROM data can be stored and it can never be changed. It can be programmed only once and If once data is stored in it , it can never be changed or it can never be programmed again.

2. EPROM : Full form of EPROM is ( Erasable and Programmable Read Only Memory ) This type of ROM has a an advantage that is it can be erased using the an programme.

3. EEPROM : Its Full form is ( Electrical erasable programmable Read-only Memory ) In this memory its data can be easily removed or upgraded.

Difference between RAM and ROM


Ram is (Random Access Memory) from this definition we do not understand anything so let’s talk an real-life eg :

Let’s assume that you are working in an office and you need some files to work , those files are kept in another room and when you need them you will go to that room and take those files and do your work.

And if the files are more in number then you need more space to keep them and when you will go back to your home in the evening then you will keep those files in that room again.

So Ram also works in a similar way in an mobile , assume that that room is a memory card or internal storage which can be used to store the files and the desk is a Ram.

Ram is a very fast memory , Ram costs higher than internal memory as it has a very high speed and it can never match the speed of a memory card or a hard-drive.

ROM : I have already described above.

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