“What Is Ram In Mobile” | How Does it Work ? 2020

In this article i will be deeply talking about “what is Ram in mobile and” How does it work “

What is Ram in Mobile ?

Ram is (Random Access Memory) from this definition we do not understand anything so let’s talk an real-life eg :

Let’s assume that you are working in an office and you need some files to work , those files are kept in another room and when you need them you will go to that room and take those files and do your work.

What is ram in mobile

And if the files are more in number then you need more space to keep them and when you will go back to your home in the evening then you will keep those files in that room again.

So Ram also works in a similar way in an mobile , assume that that room is a memory card or internal storage which can be used to store the files and the desk is a Ram.

Ram is a very fast memory , Ram costs higher than internal memory as it has a very high speed and it can never match the speed of a memory card or a hard-drive.

what is ram in mobile

Ram helps the CPU or mobile for taking out the files which the user wants. But if you have installed an app or game it has been installed in your memory at that time there is no need of Ram.

When you click on the app or the game then the function of Ram starts. When you open the application the application is transferred from the internal memory to the Ram.

So that there can be a fast connection Between you and your phone. If your phone has less ram then it may work slow. For eg : if you open 4 applications and you open another one they your phone may reduce it’s performance.

what is ram in mobile

That’s why it is said that more Ram is required for multi tasking. If the Ram is more you can run many Application together without any problem.

How much Ram do we need ?

So not Let’s talk that how much RAM we need. Now a days Minimum 2 GB RAM has become the minimum requirement and if the Ram is less from 2 GB it can create a problem for you.

Now , size of application such as facebook, Instagram, etc is increasing day by day so because of it we need more RAM as when we open these applications they consume more that 500 Mb of your phone’s RAM which will make your phone slow.

How much ram we need

If you have 3GB , 4GB or 8GB it’s good as RAM is such a thing which you cannot upgrade further.

RAM can be increased further in only laptops and computers. RAM is also of different types and all 2GB ram’s cannot be same it all depends on the processor through which RAM works.

How does Ram work

So that’s it i hope you have a good time reading this article and if you have any question regarding this article you are free to comment below.

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