“What Is Octoprint” ? And How To Use It .

What Is Octoprint

So in this blog i will be talking about “octaprint” what is it and how to use it .

In simple words Octaprint is a device used to control your 3d printer from anywhere.

Running a 3d printer when you are not at home may be a little risky . So there comes Octoprint with which you can remotely control your 3d printer with your phone from anywhere .

Octoprint is a software application which you can easily run on a normal pc . This had to be connected to the pc to send command through the cable.

Usually these commands are generated by the 3d printing software and then these commands gets saved in a folder . These are huge text files with a lot of lines in it .

And each line is being use to run your 3d printer.

Instead of putting these files on an SD card you can put them in the octaprint software and then it will transfer all those commands using that usb cable .

And then you do not have to worry about your 3d printer . You are free to go everywhere while the 3d printer is running .

With Octoprint you can unlock those features that you may not use in 5000 $ 3d printer But there are more features that you can use in it using through plugins.

These plugins can enable the Octoprint to turn on the power of your 3d printer using the super cheap power plugs.

It there might be a defect going on your 3d printer print surface for eg : print detaching or other thing it can prevent it and save a lot of material .

Lets understand Octoprint in some detail .

The user interface of octaprint is a type of web application that is hosted on the same computer while the octaprint core application is running .

Let’s clarify it further . It is a web application that you can use in your browser or a server application running in the background So it running even you have not opened the browser .

The web application uses the data from the background to show it to you , internally it is talking to the background of the application .

And Octoprint is not only the method with which you can connect you monitor with the 3d printer .

So that’s it i hope you now got to know about Octoprint if you have any question regarding this article you are free to comment below.

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