What Is Graphics Card ?| What Does GPU Stand For?

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What Is Graphics Card ?

You may have enjoyed games in your mobiles and you computers and you may have also heard that to run games smoothly and at high resolution we need graphic card. So what is a graphics card and how does it works.

So what is a graphics unity and why is it important ?

The phones and computers you use are having a million of pixels and if we talk about 4 k around 8 million pixels are being used.

So in 8 million pixels what is to be shown and how it has to been shown is the work of Graphics card, because of which you are enjoying a video or an image.

It is commonly seen that we have to separately buy it and install it in our pc buy older days it was the part of mother board.

Now a days In the it has it’s own mother board in it , it has its own ram and processor. The ram that we commonly hear about graphics card is 2Gb . 4GB, 6GB different graphics card have its own capacity , ram also has its own speed and GPU unit also has its own speed and with this the complete combination of all this things form up graphics card .

When you attach in your computer your processor gives a signal that what has to be shown on the screen.

Lets take a real life eg :-

Assume that there is a student in your class who only know addition or who only knows multiplication and he is expert in that except multiplication if you will ask his any other thing he cannot answer.

Similarly there is a GPU and CPU . CPU can do many other work at one time buy GPU can do only one at a time and is expert in the work of Graphics.

All the work to make the shadows , light or any other effects in the game is done with the help of GPU.

that’s it i hope you all had a good time reading this article and if you have a question regarding this article you are free to comment below.

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