What Is Ai Camera In Mobile ? Smart Photography.

What Is Ai Camera In Mobile ?

What Is Ai Camera In Mobile

If you have purchased a new smartphone or you have purchased it recently then you may have hear about the AI features in your smartphone.

What Is Ai Camera In Mobile , in this article i will be talking about AI and how does it work’s.

Now a days the technology have became very advanced and you know that the use of AI (artificial intelligence) in increasing day by day. Through AI computers can think like humans and can also do work like us.

So if we talk about normal user gadgets like mobile phone and it’s camera , we need better pictures but the problem is that may be the normal user cannot click good pictures , So to make photos better for a normal user it is the work of AI camera.

In clicking AI Photos many types of processors are required. When you click pictures like of food the AI camera is trained to give the best possible colors and effects. When you click images of dogs, landscapes, potrates , etc , the results you get are very different every time. So after clicking many pics your phone understand’s the pattern of dogs . food . landscapes , etc . also then with the help of AI it will click better pictures for you

If we talk about google pixel 3 it has a single camera buy still it clicks amazing pictures. This phone is so highly tuned that it clicks very good images with only one camera whereas many smartphones use 2 different cameras for different shots.

This phone can separate object and identify with the help of AI , It makes the object different from it’s background and makes us feel like the object is 3d. So this whole process is known as computation photography in which photo is separated into many layers and section. For eg : if we take someones photo the phone identifies that where is the person in the picture , the background , the grass in the background , where are the plants, where is the sky , etc .

So after these layers are fully optimized then you get the final result which is very beautiful . Now a days in some of the mobile phones you get dedicated AI based cameras which are very advanced and click the pictures more beautifully.

If we talk about the face unlock the phone’s camera understand the persons face and adapt it according to some situations for eg : if you will trim your beard still your phone will identify your face.

In fact there are some cameras that can identify guns even if they are not visible. So with this we can prevent many gunshots situation and in many mall there are these camera for identifying these type of things . Not only guns cameras can also identify other explosive material such as bombs, knifes etc.

These is a major role of AI in zooming the camera as many layers are clicked then they are merged and then we get the final photo.

So that’s it ,

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