“What Is 3D Printer” ? Make Anything For Free !

“What Is 3D Printer” ?

You make have hear about 3d printing , what types of things are made by it So what is it ? In this blog i will be talking about 3d printer in full detail .

Before understanding 3d printing we have to understand that what is 3d ? So full form of 3d is three dimensions also known as tri-dimensions .

You make be aware of two dimensional , in two dimensional there are only two dimensions whereas in three dimension there are three dimensions.

So we can feel 3d objects , so in 3d printing we can turn an image into real objects .

“How Does 3D Printer work” ?

So now there must be a question in your mind that How Does 3D Printer work ? . In 3d printer there is a filament which is a type of wire bundle.

This filament is made up of thermoplastic material , Thermoplastic material is a material that can melt very easily and it can turn into solid state in just few seconds.

So whenever we give command to this printer it starts melting the filament and past it according to the command given . This filament turns into solid form very fast and in this way filament which is thermoplastic gains its solid shape.

“Where To Buy 3D Printer”

Now you may have liked the concept of 3d printer and wanted to but it But where to buy this 3d printer .

This is now a new product this was available many years back also but at that time its price was too high whereas if we talk about now a days it’s price has reduced a lot and it is easily available in flipkart and amazon .

So which 3d printer you can print any object according to your need , For eg: if you watch is made up of plastic and if any part brakes down you don’t have to go to the market you can easily print it with the help of 3d printer and replace it .

So that’s it

“What Is 3D Printer” ?

Anything that can print in 3 dimensions is know as 3d printer .

“How Does 3D Printer work” ?

3d printer melts it filament and then turn into the solid shape according to the command given .

what is the cost of 3d printer filament ?

The cost of 3d printer filament is around 7$-10$ .

Where to buy 3d printer ?

Now a days 3d printer is easily available on filpkart and amazon .

What is the cost of 3d printer in india ?

In india the 3d printer starting range is around 15 thousand and can be up to lacks.

I hope that you have like the idea of 3d printer and if so make sure that you comment below that if you had a 3d printer what would you have printed.

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