What Is 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE, VoLTE |How Does Mobile Phone Work ?

How does our mobile phone work ?

what is 4g

so let’s first understand that how does our mobile towers work and how does they connect out call.

Is it true that our mobile phone is wireless , no its not it’s is a big lie The phone that we use is not wireless.

just the phone is wireless buy all the communication that is taking place with the help of wires.

Few years back when there were telephones you voice was being encrypted and was converted into a signal And you were provided with a exchange port.

what is 4g

When someone dial the number first the number goes to the exchange box then the number goes to the telephone office. In this telephone office calls were connected.

And after that all process the call get connected.

But now the old days have gone , now mobile phone is taking place of telephones.

There is a mic in the mobile phone that converts the voice to signal and sends it to the antenna.

What is 2G

But there is a big Problem that is the earth on which we live is round and wave can only travel in a straight line. So there cannot be a direct communication.

When you start a call you mobile messages the tower and then the call is transferred into the wires , these wires are underground.

This tower sends message to the nearest exchange office . Now these mobile exchange office has good data of you . They match the data and the phone no and connects the call.

What is 5G

By this process you call can also be traced and your position can also be traced.

There is a main antenna on the tower which is known as the GSM antenna and there is also a round antenna which is know as the micro antenna.

The GSM antenna receives the call and send it to the underground wires and then sends it to the mobile switching center.

Whenever you are out of the home range the micro antenna locates your position and helps the GSM antenna to connect the call.

So just the distance between the tower and your phone is wireless otherwise there is nowhere wirelesses In the whole world wires are spread.

How does mobile phone work

Even under the sea there are wires as to connect the call in London tower cannot be used the whole signal travels under the sea.

And to make this wireless satellite phones have to be used which we will discuss later.

So Now lets talk about 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G ?

G ; refers to generation


came in 1980s and it data provides you just 2,4 Kb/s data speed which was very slow and an e-mail was very difficult to send.

The main problem which 1G was that you can only make a call with it you cannot send messages or do other things.

So we can say that with 1G we can just make a call and we cannot do digital processes.


came in 1990 and it provides you data speed which was about 64 Kb/s . This speed has given up a benefit of sending messages .


came in 2003 and it provides you data speed of 2 Mb/s which was quite good for that time as it can send messages and make calls also serf internet ,etc.


came in 2009 and it provides a speed of 100 Mb/s which is very good and because of that we can also do video chatting a use youtube without buffering.


came in 2020 and it provides a speed of 1 Gb/s due to it’s very good and high speed we can connect our phone to many other things like our car.

Yes, that right we can connect our phone with out can and operate some good features. because of the high speed we can watch ultra HD movies, videos and also 3d movies and enjoy them.

If you want to turn on your ac you can do it from your phone , if you want to turn of the fridge when you are out of station you can do that from your phone, you can turn on / of lights.

so that’s it i hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any question regarding this article you are free to comment below.

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