Warning : Do Not Buy iphone 12 Before Reading This.

Complete guide to buy iphone 12 :-

So in this blog i will be taking about the mistakes that you should avoid while buying you iphone 12 .

1. Don’t buy iphone pro models .

The biggest mistake that most of the people are doing is that they think that the 5g network coverage is only available at the regular iphone 12 but it is also available at iphone 12 mini . So don’t spend the actual cash on the pro if its already provided in iphone mini.

2. Buying iphone 12 without considering the battery backup.

iphone 12 mini is super small in fact it is smaller that the iphone 6 So if you really need a good battery backup They you must pay 100 $ more for iphone 12 .

3. Buying iphone’s pro model thinking you need them for better display , water resistant or the thinner design .

The most shocking thing this year is that iphone 12 pro get’s same super retina XDR Display with 1200 nits brightness (HDR) and the same crazy good 460 ppi resolution . But the only downside is that iphone 12 pro has 800 nits max brightness whereas in iphone 12 mini it has 625 nits max brightness.

And if we talk about the water resistance it is same in the both the iphones water resistance to a depth of 6 meters up to 30 minutes. But it wasn’t the case last year as in iphone 11 pro it has water resistant to a depth of 4 metres for up to 30 minutes .

4. Buying the iphone 12 pro for the best camera quality.

The iphone pro max max provides you massive camera quality it also gives the brand new sensor shift stabilization which makes the video super smooth .

It has a telephoto lens with a longer 65 mm zoom as compared to 52 in the 12 pro . So definitely buy the 12 pro max for the best camera quality .

5. If you are planing to buy the regular iphone 12 models then don’t miss out the best value storage upgrade.

For only 50 $ more you get double the storage if you take a lot of photos and videos

6. considering to buy the iphone 11 pro model for a less cash.

Now iphone 12 is out and you should not buy the old iphone 11 pro as it has got all the same features which are available in iphone 12 pro , you will get the better camera quality, 11 % thinner and better performance . So even if it is missing some features such as telephoto lens still you should but the regular iphone 12 model .

7. Don’t buy third party wireless charger for the iphone 12

You may not know this that mag safe branded chargers for apple companies get 15 W wireless charging and they only support mag new magnetic feature. The issue with other third party chargers is that you have to get the placement perfect for connecting the charger to the iphone because of which you phone may not charge . And mag safe solves this problem out .

So that’s it.

I hope you have made the right decision to buy the best i phone for you . If you have any question regarding this article yo are free to comment below .

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