The Next Big Thing in Tesla Model 3 Interior | 2020

Tesla Model 3 Interior

Tesla Model 3 Interior

The best thing in tesla model interior its staring wheel and its tablet.

The Air conditioning system : its is very superior that make this car very different from other as it’s air conditioning system.

So instead of having different air vents it is having a very long air vent which is on the front of the car.

You can easily control the air vents through the tablet , to feet or head , etc. which is very cool.

You can also control your car’s temperature from you phone.

If you want your cars temperature to be 27` it will be before you enter in the car.

Many Quick controls are present in the tablet for eg : if you want to adjust you staring wheel , up or down it easily does for you.

And after doing all the settings and be at the position at which you are comfortable you can easily save the settings.

If someone else also drives your can he\she can just save he setting and in future he\she can easily access it.

So now lets talk about smart phone integration

Tesla does not attach an apple car player and also the android auto function So you are forced to use their function

otherwise the tablet is so good it contains the all other functionalities that you would need.

It has a mapping system and its is so responsive that you don’t have to look at your smart phone again and again. And the mapping has all the features.

It also have a massive sunroof which would have a lot of fun.

so that’s it i hope you like this review and if you have any questions regarding this article you are free to comment down below.

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