The Main Reason “Why Android Is Better Than ios” ?

why android is better than ios ?

Why Android Is Better Than ios

So in this blog is will be talking about ” why android is better than ios ” . The first reason is :-

1. Capabilities of Rooting the phone .

As android is an open platform and is based on java , There are many developers and the developers have freedom and can easily access our phones.

In android developers can easily make custom Rom . For eg : if you buy an android phone of any brand , if you go to the xd developer then you can easily make you custom rom .

Thus android has rooting capabilities with which we have full control over our phone. whereas if we want to do these type things on iphone it’s not possible .

If we talk about app sometimes there is a situation when an app is not available on palystore but still we can download it by going to any website on google and with this you can see that how independent is android whereas these type of things are not possible in iphone .

In iphone you can only download the application which is available on apple app store.

Android is fully based on java and java is increasing its features day by day . Java is a programming language which is very rapidly updating and because of its updating performance of android is increasing day by day .

You may have seen that the features that you see in android they come around 2 years after in iphone . Which is a very good advantage in android.

Many people say that there are security issues in android which i also agree but if we will buy a flagship smartphone such as google pixel or samsung galaxy s10+ in which we get knox security which is very good for security purposes.

Why Android Is Better Than ios

2. Sharing

The next thing which is very good in android is sharing , if you want to share photos or videos with your friends you can easily do it in you android phone.

Or if you want to connect your phone with your computer you can also do that easily and you can copy and paste the images in your computer.

Believe me if you connect you ios device with you laptop still you can not copy and past the images in your laptop. There is only one mode of sharing in ios devices which is airdrop .

whereas in android we can get many modes of sharing such as type c cable , The biggest thing is that a pen drive can be easily connected in android , hard-disc and many other hotspot app.

Why Android Is Better Than ios

3. Customization

The biggest thing in android is that you can easily customize each and every thing that you want to . In iphone you can only customize wallpapers , whereas in android you can change the icons of the app , you can install different launchers to customize your phone etc.

And if we talk about the notifications android manages the notification very easily and efficiently .

Why Android Is Better Than ios

4. Google’s ecosystem.

Why Android Is Better Than ios

Google’s ecosystem according to me is getting very superior in the world and is the largest . In android you have feature of google photos and you can store unlimited photos and videos in it whereas if iphone we only get 5 gb free in i cloud which get’s filled up very quickly and after that you have to pay they to get more storage .

5. File explorer.

Why Android Is Better Than ios

Let’s take a small eg : if you do normal browsing on browser or you downloaded something from your browser , so you can easily locate that file in android .

Buy if we talk about iphone it’s very difficult to locate file in it. So this thing make android very superior. And if you use iphone they you will be feeling and very closed environment.

So that’s it i hope now you know that Why Android Is Better Than ios . If you have any question regarding this article you are free to comment below.

Why Android Is Better Than ios

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