The Best Technology Topics For Presentation|2020

The Best Technology Topics For Presentation

Best Technology Topics For Presentation

1. Artificial Intelligence.

Now a days artificial intelligence is the most trending topic in the technology sector.

In it machines are programmed in such a way that they can use their own brain to work.

In the coming years it will have a huge growth.

so now lets come to our next topic which is –

Best Technology Topics For Presentation

2. BlockChain

Online Security have become a very important aspect of our life.

So to protect our personal information or any other information a system has been made named block chain.

Blockchain is a process which makes it difficult for mackers to change or cheat the system.

Best Technology Topics For Presentation

3. Internet Of Things

Data transferring is taking place in huge amounts in the world and it is known as Internet of things .

Super cheap and small chips have helped us a lot.

AS they can carry a large amount of data in it.

Best Technology Topics For Presentation

4. Intelligent Apps

These are the application which can easily collect real time data of users and make predictions.

Its includes use of machine learning and intelligent apps provide the user a very adaptive and personalize experience.

In simpler words they can tell us the future.

Best Technology Topics For Presentation

5. Cognitive Cloud Computing

In this Computers can gain data from various sources and try to give the possible answers.

This technology is self learning and gets improved by the use of artificial intelligence.

It can also identify problems by synthesizing data from various sources.

6. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Now a days the use of virtual Reality is increasing rapidly in games and other platforms.

In snap chat lenses and the very famous game which is pokemon go.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality provides us real experience and the physical world .

some more eg are : VR,AR,MR , etc

So i hope you liked this article and if you any Question regarding this you are free to comment below.

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