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So now let’s talk about What is Teleportation ?

Basically teleportation refers to Time travel or suddenly disappearing of any matter any time. It’s like a magic as in it a person or any object can disappear.

Is It Possible to Teleport ?

So is Teleportation possible or if it’s possible it in modern technology then how ?

Yes It’s possible,

But till now it’s just possible for atoms and photos. AS if Humans or any other living form want to teleport it’s quite difficult for it.

Because teleportation requires matter in the form of data to travel as a living being cannot be transformed into data.

But don’t worry as researchers are trying to teleport molecules instead of data which will make it easier to teleport living forms.

Just imagine if this really becomes possible how easy traveling will become , you would reach to your friends house in no time. You just have to think about the place and you will reach there , how fascinating is this to hear.

So Now let’s come back to our topic again. How does teleportation takes place.

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The idea behind Teleportation is that you have to dematerialised matter here and had to rematerialised it there.

Now for a long time people thought that Quantum mechanics would prevent this from happening.

So the idea is that you set a bunch of entangled particles and make an measurement on the entangle particles here ,

This generates information in form of bits and then you can send these bits there and rematerialise the bits there and it would be creating the form that was destroyed before.

If everything works successfully the same object will be created there .

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