Surprising Stats About How Does Whatsapp Makes Money.

Have you ever wondered that how does whatsapp makes money ? In this article i will be letting you know the answer to this Question.

How Does Whatsapp Makes Money ?

Whatsapp was made in February 2009 and was made very personal ,

But at first it was paid and they charged a fee which was about 1$ .

For the first year it was free buy in the next coming years you have to pay for it. In the paid version no adds are there.

But later in 2014 Facebook in 19B $ Purchased whatsapp and Facebook became the parent company of whatsapp.

So facebook wanted to make profit from whatsapp as they have purchased it.

The most important thing in technology is data ,

Facebook is almost having data of every single user of it as every person is on whatsapp.

The person who is not on Facebook is on whatsapp. This means that the user base is very big.

Buy later many blames were raised on facebook that it using whatsapps users data

And user behavior to target they on facebook to show adds.

Facebook is making its adds better day by day by doing data analysis.

It collects user data such as what is their age , what they like to do

, what would they like to purchase, etc

Later, Whatsapp business was made from which whatsapp made money.

Whatsapp Business is used by the people who run a business and wanted to talk to they customer ,

It contains auto replies.

If you want auto replies it is a premium service for which ,

you have to pay and this service is made for business men.

So now by this service whatsapp is making money. But this is the first way , it also makes money in a second way.

That is whatsapp money transfer.

In this a whatsapp user can directly send money to a whatsapp user

And for transferring money whatsapp might charge a fee.

So till now their were only 2 ways by which whatsapp is making money.

But in future it might bring many other ways to make money.

So i hope you like this article and if you have

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