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What is the use of 4 cameras in mobile.

What is the use of 4 cameras in mobile.

There was a time when we were happy with on 1-2 camera in our smartphone but now a days we can see 4-5 cameras in out smartphone . why ?

In the smartphones you can see a variety of cameras such as :

  1. Ultra Wide Angle
  2. Monochrome
  3. Depth sensor
  4. Macro lens
  5. Telephoto lens

So what are these lens use for ?

1. Depth Sensor

So first let’s talk about depth sensor which is the most popular one . Few years when smartphones came with dual camera or in now a day phones with quadcamera are coming with depth sensor. In some Mobile phone you are provided with 2 mp of depth sensor and in some smartphones you are provided with 5 mp depth sensor.

So what is depth sensor here and what is it’s use ?

The depth sensor is use to separate the object from it’s background . so whenever you click a phone in portrate mode , The blurry effect that you see is because of the depth sensor .

The camera and depth sensor work together to get beautiful photos. The camera focuses on the object and the depth sensor focus on the background and provides the blurry effect.

2. Ultra Wide Angle Camera .

What is the use of 4 cameras in mobile.

This camera can be seen in all the smartphones that are coming these days . weather it is a mid-range smartphone or it is a flagship smartphone . This can considered as a very important camera. So to understand this let’s take a real life eg :

Let’s assume that you went on a trip with your family members or your friends and you want to click an family photo so when you click picture with normal mode it will cover only small area and some of your friends with not be covered in that photo . So to cover more area in your picture or to cover more people in your camera you will go back or ask your friends to move back so that all of they can come in picture . but you can still click that picture without moving with the help of the ultra wide Angle camera . So because of the ultra wide angle camera you do not have to move back of you do not have to ask your friends to move back.

So whenever you have to capture more area in your camera they you have to use Ultra wide angle camera.

3. Telephoto lens

What is the use of 4 cameras in mobile.

This is also a very important and useful camera lens in our phone’s camera. This camera is mostly seen in mid range or flagship smartphones . So lets again take an real life eg :

You may have seen many photographers who click photos of sports person while they are playing the match And they click very amazing photos with there camera even if they are not close to to the player still they click good picture with better detailing , blurry effect . so how that works.

So here comes the use of the Telephoto Lens . With telephoto lens the photographer zoom’s the photo and they click the photo’s because of which the focus in the pictures is very amazing.

In the way the use of telephoto lens is coming in our mobile cameras because of which you can zoom in at some objects to click better images.

So here you cannot zoom like an DSLR but still it’s quite satisfying . In these telephoto lens there is 2x optical zoom , 3x optical zoom or 5x optical zoom.

But always remember that you cannot use telephoto lens in low light conditions as it will provide you a blurry image .

4. Monochrome lens

You may also know about monochrome lens , this lens is very rarely seen in mobile phones but yes monochrome lens is also very useful .

So with this monochrome lens you can click black and white pictures . So the difference between monochrome lens and the main camera in the rgb filter .

The monochrome lens do not captures the colors it only try to capture more light . So whenever When the picture is click with both camera the monochrome and the main camera the detailing that comes in the final picture is very amazing .

5. Macro Camera

Well this camera is also present is most on the smartphones . This camera may not be useful for you buy the people who do photography it is very useful to them .

So when you have to take picture of very small objects then you have to use this camera And the detail that you will find in the macro lens is very realistic .

For eg : you have to click a photo of an flower or an insect which is very small and you want to show that insect quite big and each and every detail of that insect then you have to use macro lens.

That’s it

I hope you had a good time reading this article and gained some knowledge of this . So if you have any question regarding this article you are free to comment below.

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