Make Your Computer & Laptop 200% Faster For Free | Tips And Tricks.

How To Make My Laptop Faster For Free ?

How To Make My Laptop Faster For Free

Does your laptop or computer also faces hanging issues or any type of lag if so Read this blog in which i will be letting you know the tricks that i use to speed up my laptop and computer .

Disable startup programs.

So the first step is disabling startup programs . So you know that in your laptop or computer there are many application or software which get’s automatically on when you turn on you laptop or computer and they always run in the background of out computer. So if we stop these programs from running in the background then we will be able to free up some part of ram of our computer. And if some of the ram will be free then it means that you laptop will also get fast .

How To Make My Laptop Faster For Free

  1. So to do that you just have to press ctrl + Alt + Delete and then you will see an option called task manager
Task manager

Then you have to click on that option After that you will see another option startup and you click on that.

And you can close the application that automatically get’s started on your laptop. so you can disable the unwanted applications through this option.

2. One drive

One drive is an application used to save data through internet to cloud . and if you know that because of the sinking of this data your laptop get’s slow . so if you do not use this option than you can stop this .

so to do this you have to simply search one drive application on you laptop and then you will get an option of settings and then you can click on accounts and then you can un-link you account from it.

How To Make My Laptop Faster For Free

3. Animation and Graphics

So the next thing comes is animations and visual graphics. so if you will downgrade the graphics of your computer then your computer will be speed up.

  1. So to do that you have to simply comes to your systems control panel < then click on system < Then you have to click on advance system settings . < then in the advance option you will see an option called settings < then you have to simply click on the visual effects and chose custom< then you have to uncheck all the visual graphics.

4. Widows update

so now let’s talk about the most important option which is the windows update . If you internet on your computer system sometimes because of this option you internet data also get’s finished.

And because of the again and again coming of the updates you computer also get’s slow so to disable windows auto update option you have to :

1 So first you have to press windows + r and search services.msc and the services option will be opened and then you have to scroll down till the bottom of the page < then you will see an option called windows update < then you have to simply right click on than option and open it’s properties < then there is an option startup time is selected to automatic so you disable it or at manual mode . Then click to apply that settings and then you have restart you computer . so now when you restart you laptop the option of the windows update will be closed.

Buy remember that this is a very important setting for security purposes . So i recommend you to turn this setting on manually and update the window in a month.

5. Stop notification and Tips and Tricks from windows.

So the next thing that you have to do is that you have click on the windows icon < then click on the setting < then you have to again click on system < and after clicking on the windows option you will see notifications option and then < you have to click on them and turn it of as this is now important at all.

6. Clean Storage

So the next thing comes is to clean the storage. You may know that in you laptop there are temporary folder and unwanted files in you hard-disc which are not used up by you computer and they also take up a lot of space of you computer thus you should clean them to speed up your laptop .

So to do that you have click on the widows icon < then click on the settings option < then click on the system < then click on storage and if this option is turned off then you can turn it on .

7. Scan your computer

So if you use an windows computer then you may have use cracked software in your computer or you may have downloaded many files from interned which are free because of which your computer or laptop can be filled with malware or virus .

So if you have any anti-virus software then you can definitely use that or you can use this software which is free of cost it’s name is anti-malwarebytes .

You can search it on google and you can use it’s trial version. So with is free trial you can easily remove virus or malware from your computer .

8. Run disc cleanup

This is a very important software provider by microsoft and windows by default , So with this you can remove the temporary files on you laptop which have no use. With only a single click you can clean you computer so let’s do that.

So press window and search window and you will find that option and then click on that and open it .

select you c drive and then click ok . You can chose the option that you want to clean like the recycle bin , download files etc.

9. Delete unwanted software and applications

Well there will be many unwanted software and application present in your computer so you can delete them .

So go to the control panel of your laptop and then go to un-install and delete the all unwanted software.

10. Clear your c-drive

So there are many people which do hard-drive partition and give a very little storage to the c-drive and when you install many application and software it make you c-drive full and it get’s red so try to give more space to the c-drive or you computer will start lagging.

So that’s it

I hope now you computer speed has increased a bit and if you have any question regarding this article you are free to comment below .

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