Laptop Buying Tips : i3 vs i5 vs i7, Dos vs windows, HDD vs SSD

Which is The Best Laptop For Me ?

Laptop Buying Tips

When we go to purchase a Laptop we got confused that which type of laptop is best for us , for eg ; how much size of display we want HD , Full HD or UHD display , what is the meaning of Integrated graphics card and dedicated graphics card , what is the difference between HDD and SDD , etc. So in this article i will provide you all the important information required to buy a best laptop for you.

What is display and screen size ?

Well in laptop the screen you see and how big it would be depends on the screen size. In the marker you will be provided with different types of screen sizes for eg : 10 inch laptop , 13 inch , 15 inch , etc . and the second thing you will be provided with is the type of the display like HD, Full HD , Ultra HD which is also known as 4k .

So you can chose the type of display you want for your laptop obviously the display in cheaper laptops will be HD and the higher you go the quality of the display increases. Ultra HD or 4k display is only available in very expensive laptops.


Weather it is a computer or a laptop the processor play an very important role in it. So when you go to buy a laptop you will be provided with i3 , i5 , i7 , i9 , etc . So the people who do not know that what processor is here is short definition of it.

Processor can be compared to a car’s engine as if the engine of the car is new the car will run smoothly and provide you the best performance similarly in laptops the processor play a similar role , It make the computer or laptop run smoothly and prevent’s lag and hanging issues. And if the car’s engine is very old and is out dated the car will not run smoothly and it will stop working so same situation is in laptops is the processor is old the laptop will not run properly if you open any applications they will not load and open fast.

So the popular company that makes processor are Intel and Amd . i3 , i5, i7 are the names given by the company Intel to identify the processor. similarly names are given by Amd company to their processor.

What is i3, i5, i7, i9 ?

So to understand that what is i3, i5, i7, i9 you have understand some cores. So lets take a real life eg :

Let’s assume that your brain is a processor and your hands are cores , to do a particular work with two hand takes 5 minutes so if you have 4 hands to do that work you can do that work much faster.

Similarly there are 2 cores , 4 cores , 6 core , 8 cores etc, So if the cores are more in number then the speed of the processor will be faster. Now if you have understood that what are core then you will easily understand that what are i3, i5, i7 .

So in the intel i3 there are 3 core which is also know as dual core , so generally they are much cheaper that any other processors and are available in price range around 20-30 thousand. so i3 is considered as the processor for normal tasking and doing office work like using power-point or you do data entry work and watch videos or doing normal searching etc. So i3 is considered as the best for this type of normal tasking and i3 laptops are much cheaper compared to i5 or i7 laptops.

So similarly in i5 there are dual or quad core processors are there, quad core means 4 it means that the hands are 4 then the work will be more faster. And i5 is considered sufficient for heavy applications. If want to do heavy things like heavy apps & software . normal video editing & games then i5 is best for you .

so i i5 you will be provided with better performance and obviously as it is providing better experience then the price would also be higher as compared to i3.

Similarly there comes i7 and i9 which you get 4 , 6 or even 8 cores so these are types of processors are mostly found on high end laptops and computers. So if you do high end video editing or 4k video editing or you want to play video games with very high graphics or you want to use very heavy software then you need to purchase a laptop with i9 processor .

In comparison of i3 and i5 these laptops with i9 processor are very high in prices. And these types of laptops you get a top level performance. If you have ever noticed that there is written 9th genetation. 6th generation , 8th generation , etc so what are these .

Basically these generation tell us the that this version is improved as compared to the previous generation this means that if there is a i3 processor is of 5th generation and if there is a same i3 processor of 6th generation then the i3 of the 6th generation would be improved and would be better that the previous generation and would be more efficient.

And as the generation increases the price also increases , so always prefer to buy the latest version of the processor.


So the next most important thing comes is ram . If you want to know about ram in full detail then you can read my previous article by clicking the link below.

Ram is the most important part of laptop like processor . So the application that you open in you computer are opened in you ram. And the most frequently asked question about ram is that how much ram is required by our computer.

IF you buy a laptop with i3 processor 9th gen . then the minimum ram is 4 gb and if you normally see that all the laptops with i3 processor comes with 4 gb ram. Same if you buy a i5 laptop the minimum ram would be 8 gb and if buy laptop with i7 or i9 then the ram should be 16 gb ram or you go with a 32 gb ram laptop.


so the next important thing is graphics card so if you want to read about graphics card in full detail then you can also read the article given below.

Graphics card plays a most important role specially when you are gaming. So you are normally provided with integrated graphics card or dedicated graphics card buy first you have to understand that what do this mean.

So in simple language whatever you see on you laptop screen is only possible with the help of graphics card . so graphics is basically a visual image and when you play a video game or when you watch a video all the work is done by graphics card.

Laptop Buying Tips

So normally there are two types of graphics card found in laptops which are integrated graphics card and Dedicated graphics card . when you hear that there is 2 gb integrated card in the laptop then it means that it will use 2 gb of a ram as a graphic card.

Laptop Buying Tips

So always remember that if there is integrated graphic card in you laptop then it would use your ram as a graphic card.

Where as if it’s written that there is a dedicated graphics card in this laptop then it means that in this laptop separately 2gb or 4gb graphics card is installed. And it will never use the ram as a graphic card as there is already provided a separate graphics card.

In this type of laptop the overall graphics are very good . If you want to to heavy video editing or very heavy gaming then you have to go with the dedicated graphics card.

So till now you have learned that which type of processor you have to chose, which type of processor you should chose and which type of graphics card you have to chose. so the next thing comes is hard disc

Hard disc

Laptop Buying Tips

So the data that you store in your laptop or computer is stored in your hard disc So it can be simply compared to a memory card or internal storage of out phone. So there are generally two types of hard discs which are HDD : Hard disc drive generally this type of hard discs are available in cheaper laptops and there rewrite speed is normal and is considered good for normal laptops whereas the other types of hard disc is SSD : solid state drive . it has a very fast rewrite speed if we compere it to HDD and of course SDD is much expensive that the Hdd hard disk.

SDD is only provided in very expensive laptops and in this the overall performance if very good in the comparison of HDD.

Dos And Windows

So when you go to purchase a laptop there are two types the first one is dos and the other is windows. So you have to know the difference between them

Laptop Buying Tips

So in dos laptops the interface that you sea is in the form of text base , few years ago the laptops were based on dos and if you want a laptop in which you want high graphics for eg : icons of application user interface etc. it comes in windows And if on the laptop it is written dos then you have to separately install the windows in the laptop.

So that’s it.

So i hope you had a good time reading this article and you have learned a lot of new things today. So if you have any questions regarding this article you are free to comment below.

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