Is Apple Pencil Worth It ? 2020 | The Real Truth.

Is Apple Pencil Worth It ?

So today I will be taking about Apple pencil in full detail and Is Apple Pencil Worth It ?

This is not a normal pencil it brings impressive hardware inside it which make it worth getting. So i would share a thing with you that you should not buy apple pencil from apple store , you can go online to buy it where you can find the best price of it.

So being an apple product the pairing process is very easy and quick , It just takes a couple of seconds and in few clicks it’s ready to use .

So if you want to write quick notes you just have to tap on the your i pad and then you can easily prepare or draw your notes. With just tapping the sensors on the apple pencil you can use many shortcuts such as you can tap on the apple pencil to erase , you can tap the pencil to change the pen type, etc.

If you go to the settings and select the apple pencil tap you switch the tools of the apple pencil . And on the widgets page of your i pad you can see the status of your apple pencil like batter, etc. It contains a small battery in it which can be charged in few seconds by just connecting the apple pencil to your i-pad.

The tip of the apple pencil is easily removable and it is the place where pressure sensor is . Apple i-pad contains palm rejection because of you do not have to wear those wearied hand gloves .

So the pressure points are really accurate and you can easily get those dark edges by just applying little more pressure.

So you can buy the apple pencil to do professional work or using the profession drawing software. There is no lag in the apple pencil which makes it feel like an real pencil . It’s so accurate that if you want to sign an legal document in an pdf you can easily do that.

Now i will be sharing an cool trick that i found is that , let’s say that you purchased an i-pad and you have made some sketches on piece of paper and now you want those sketches in your i-pad . So the cool trick is that you can put that sketch on the i-pad put some tape on the sides and literally draw or trace that drawing , with this trick you can transfer your physical drawings on you i-pad and you can also do a couple of things to improve it.

So apple pencil is also like an stylish but it provide you new features more tricks and a good experience.

I have now explained that why is apple pencil worth it . So If you want to buy this pencil from amazon with the best price You can click on the image or link below.

So i hope now you get know that is apple pencil worth it And if you have any question regarding this article you are free to comment below.

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