iphone 2gb Ram Vs Android 4gb Ram ? Which Is The Best.

iphone 2gb Ram Vs Android 4gb Ram

We can see maximum 4gb ram in iphone whereas in android around 12gb ram is available But still an iphone 4gb ram can beat android 4b ram . So why . In this blog i will be talking about iphone 2gb Ram Vs Android 4gb Ram .

So let’s start with iphone first , the ram we get is iphone is LPDDR4X which is made by samsung and this ram is easily available in mid range and flagship phone.

The first point is that in android it operating system takes a huge part of ram it means that the os consumes a huge part of ram. In samsung note 10 plus, 4.7 gb of the ram is only used by its system out of 12 gb And the rest part of ram that is left only that we can use .

So you can see that a huge amount of ram is only consumed by system in Android whereas if we talk about ios devices it consumes a very less amount of ram which is around 600-800 mb only so you can see the difference between mb and Gb.

That why a big amount of ram is left in ios which make its phones faster that other phones. But there is another phone of which system consumes a very less amount of ram , So it is google pixel . Google pixel is the only android phone of which system consumes a less part of ram .

The next point is that android is based of java language and java languages are easily compatible with every types of software , java language is also easily compatible with every type of hardware.

As there are many android phones companies thus java language is also compatible with all of them. you can see that smartwatches and tv are also coming in android which tells us that android is also compatible with everything .

Now ios is only based on objective c and swift code and the application that were available in ios were on swift code but now they are available on swift code. The thing that i would like to share with you is that iphone makes its own hardware thus it is very easily optimized with swift.

So because there is java language in android therefore there is a process called garbage collection. So this process takes a good amount of ram and helps the phone to run the application smoothly .

If we talk about ios there is no process like garbage collection as there is already a type of space provided for the application and this process is know as automatic reference counting technique .

So what is use of garbage collection process . let’s take an eg : i browsed something in both android and ios and then close them and then removed them from the recent and if we turn off and then again turn on the wifi or mobile data then if we again browse that safe thing we can see that in ios devices the thing that you browsed will be removed whereas in android if you again open that same thing it will be opened from that from that where you closed the application.

And the disappointing thing in android is that it takes a big amount of ram because of the process and because of this when you will open another application then you phone will lag and it will get slow and then to get releaf from this problem you have to reboot you phone or delete you all data and cache.

Let’s talk about the next point , In iphone 11 there is 3900 Mah batter but still it can survive longer that android phones having 5000Mah batteries or even more .

is ios safer than android ?

Many people say that ios is secure than android but is it so .

So first lets talk about android , You get many notification from different application and in you phones background some thread run to get the notification . So only one application can run many thread and because of this the developer of that application can easily get you data whenever he want’s So in android the developer can easily access you personal data and also because of this background processes you phones also consume a huge amount of battery .

So now there is also a big rule of ram in running the thread . For eg : if you have downloaded applications around 32gb then 1b ram will only consumes by the thread for the notifications which makes the phone very slow.

So if we talk about ios it uses unifies notification push it means that it is only connected with only one server and no other application can run in the background .

All the notification are first delivered to the apple server and then it reaches to you phone and this is a very fast process like in android devices but in apple devices there is no thread running in the background and there is no other application running in the background which make the ios devices more secure and that’s why there is low battery consumption and these is no consumption of ram for the notification which saves a big part of ram in ios devices.

In iphone you can run only 3 types of application that are : you can only listen music in the background , you can use navigation or you are downloading something . And because of only this reason iphone batter consumption is less and it is very secure .

So that’s it

I hope you had a good time reading this blog and it you have any question regarding this article you are free to comment below.

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