iphone 12 Mini – Warning : Don’t Waste Your Money

Don’t Waste Your Money !

iphone 12 Mini

So iphone 12 is here and you should save your money . So let’s talk about some of the negative points , yes i phone 12 has 5g network connectivity this year but there is no promotion display this year , there is no 120 Hz everything is running at 60, I agree that 90, 120 FPS is really the move . Is it a deal breaker ? i would say no , But in the latest phones we can significantly see cheaper.

However if you want to look on the flip side all the iphones not have similar screens so unlike the previously , where the iphone XR, and the iphone 11 used a much lower resolution and honestly not as good IPS display.

Now in iphone 12 you are getting super retina XDR Display with high resolution and old LED color and contrast no matter which iphone 12 you pick up .

The starting price of the i-phone 12 is 699 $ which look a little very impressive . So no matter which iphone you pickup from the lowly iphone 12 mini all the way up to the pro Max you will have the 5g standard .

So here in the united stater you will get iphones with the millimetre wave 5g build in and the verizon CEO on stage .

According to me i would just saw that if you are looking for upgrade or reason to upgrade isn’t really enough in my opinion right now.

If we talk about t-mobile 5g network i’ve seen speeds that are like 20, 30 % faster that 4G . which are fine , and of course these iphones will support an LTE network .

you can charge you batter with Mag safe. So beyond the speeds and feeds there are major new feature with this iphones, This is the first time in the years that we have got an all new design .

Look at that brand new design , completely revolutionary . So the materials are different but the standard iphone 12 and the mini have the aluminium design whereas the 12 pro ans the max have a stainless steel same as what we have seen in the past.

you get a much flatter design that also enables them to stretch screens out . Without enabling too much of a bigger footprint . Now beyond the pure looks there are a ton of new colors. So on the iphone 12 you get black , white, red , green and blue and on the 12 pro you get silver graphite, gold , the my favorite which is pacific blue .

The thing that i most liked is the Ceramic shield . So they’ve partnered with corning and in fact , i believe Apple is actually an investor in corning who make gorilla glass. And this the most powerful glass on an iphone ever .

It is four times better with the drop performance . So when you buy your iphone you will get no charger in the box and no other thing .

so that’s it.

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