“How wind turbine work” ? | Full Detail 2020

“How wind turbine work” ?

Do you also want to know that How wind turbine work ? if so , then read this blog in which i have talked about how do wind turbines produce electricity in full detail .

To understand how wind turbines work you have to understand two things . The first one is that how wind turbines are made and the second is that how they produce electricity .

How wind turbines are made ?

To get good amount of electricity wind turbines are to be made at very high places such as mountains . To setup wind turbines we need many instruments such as its base which is also known as tower , then the next is its blades .

Three blades are used in wind turbines which are very long , they are around 60 ft long , the next part of wind turbines is it’s rotor hub this is the part which holds the blades of the wind turbines .

How wind turbine produce electricity ?

The wings of the wind turbines are designed in such a way that when wind blows it rotates the wings of the wind turbines .

In this way the wind turbines achieves its basic rotation . You may have seen that the wind turbines rotate at a very low speed .

So the amount of electricity produced by the wind turbines would be very less. To increase the amount of electricity produced an equipment is used which is know as gearbox.

The gearbox uses a high set of arrangements to achieve high speed ratio of electricity . It ratio is 1: 90 , it means that when the wing of a wind turbine complete it’s one rotation it means that the gearbox makes its 1 rotation equal to 90 rotations .

We think that the wind turbines rotate at a very low speed but that’s not true , it can produce a good amount of electricity in just one rotation .

In the gearbox of the wind turbines it has a cut off system , When the wind speed is more for eg above 80 km/hr then the gearbox would cut off the speed of wind turbines .

In heavy winds the gearbox of the wind turbines slows of the speed of the blades to prevent any type of damage to the wind turbines .

The electricity that is produced is transferred thorough the cables to the wind turbine base where a transformer is situated .

Wind direction keeps changing through the day so in this situation wind turbines would not be able to produce electricity .

To prevent this problem a velocity sensor is situated at the top of the wind turbines which can measure the wind direction .

The change in the wind direction is send to an electronic controller and then the wind turbines changes it directions. Thus the wind turbines always get aliened to the wind direction .

According to the wind speed relative velocity of the wind also changes , there is a wind aligning mechanism is the wind turbines which changes the angle of the blades of the wind turbines to the relative angle of the wind .

And this process of aligning the wings of the wind turbine increases the efficiency of wind turbines to produce electricity.

So that it,

i hope you now know that how wind turbines produces electricity if you have any question regarding this blog you are free to comment below.

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