“How To Speed Up Your Phone” ? In 2 min…..

How To Speed Up Your Phone ?

How To Speed Up Your Phone

So when you buy a new phone it is very fast and sis mooth but after few months its performance decreases and sometimes it becomes difficult for us to use that phone . In this blog i will talking about the tips and tricks on How To Speed Up Your Phone.

In most of the cases you smartphone gets slow when it’s storage get’s full . So a simple step is that you can free up your internal storage to make your phone faster.

So how to free up internal storage ?

  1. If you are a normal smartphone user they you must be using only around 10 app a day and the rest 50% of the app are that you use hardly after a year. So you can uninstall the app that you do not use to free your phone storage.

2. You can delete some unwanted videos that are stored in your phone especially your whatsapp videos . The videos that your friends share with you consume a lot of storage in your phone . So you can also delete them to make your phone faster .

If you do not want to delete your whatsapp videos or photos the thing that you can do is you can backup you data on google and then free up your phone’s memory .

3. Do not use cheap sd cards : I would like to tell you something that you phone also becomes slow due to the cheap memory card that many people use in there smartphones . You should buy the high speed data transfer sd card at least class 10 .

4. So now you have done all the things to make your phones faster still you think that you phone is slow then the thing you can do is :- There are many widgets on you phones home screen and you may not use them so you can remove them and that will definitely increase your phones performance .

5. Animations : many people like animations in there phones but why them need them you can simply make your phone faster removing the animations from your phones settings and immediately your phone’s speed will increase .

In your daily use you use many apps , you use an app and then you close and and then open another app and them another these app run in you phone background so you should regularly close them by which your phone will use less resources and would become faster .

I would like to recommend a very important thing you that is you should never install cleaner apps in your phone as instead of cleaning your phone they fill adds in your phone and make it slow. So there is no use of these types of app , Now a days in out android smartphones there is already cleaner system installed so if you have installed such app in you smartphone they you should delete that app immediately .

If you use social media apps then you can use lite versions of that as it consumes a lot of batter and phones performance because of which your phone hangs . You can use facebook lite instead of faceboolk , you can use tik tok lite. use youtube go , etc.

Use love using launchers in out mobiles but these launchers makes you smartphones slow So you can use light weight launcher to make your smartphone fast.

Regularly update your phones especially the security updates.

So now you have done all the things to make your smartphone faster but still if you feel like your phone still slow then the only thing you can do is that you can hard resent because of which the phone will become as it was new . But before hard resetting your phone you can make a copy of your data and then reset it. so i hope after doing these all these thing you phone’s speed will definitely increase.

So if you have any question regarding this article you are free to comment below .


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