How To Open Laptop Without Password ? Easiest way 2020.

How To Open Laptop Without Password ?

How To Open Laptop Without Password

Now a days we all use passwords in computer or laptops but sometimes many people forget there passwords when they use their laptop’s after a long time. Then how will you use your important documents that were stored in that laptop .

So How To Open Laptop Without Password ? In this blog i will be letting you know that how you can crack the password of your laptop without any data loss.

The best method to open laptop without password .

So to crack the password you need some things which are a laptop i a working condition , a pen drive, a fast internet connection .

Offline anti-password and registry editor .

The is a window’s recovery program and with the help of this software you can easily remove the password of any laptop or computer .

To do this you have to read each and every step carefully as if you will miss any step then you will be not able to unlock you laptop or computer .

  1. So in this method you have to first go on google and then type Offline anti-password and registry editor . This is a free software and you have to download it And after downloading you have to bootable this software in an pen drive . So it is very easy to bootable a pen drive and you can easily do it.
  2. Now you have made this software bootable in your pen drive. now restart the laptop of which you want to reset the password and open boot manager , you can use f2 key for this command .
  3. After you have to simply connect the pen drive into the laptop and then select usb pendrive in the boot manager . And after this, this software will load .
  4. You have to just simply press enter till it does not get that option . After all that you will find an option and you have to read it carefully and then type 1 and press enter. When you press enter it will take some time to load and will ask you to reset the password of that laptop then you have to press enter to reset the password
  5. The next step is to select edit use data and password and then you have to again press 1 and press enter .
  6. Then you have to select Administrator and press enter. then you have to again type one where it is written it will clear your password which means that the password that it will delete the password present at you computer.
  7. After that you have to press exclamation and then again press enter . and then again you have to press q and then you have to again press enter and then you have to press y . y is used to rewrite the files stored in your computer.
  8. In the next step to have to press n and then press enter.
  9. And after doing these all processes you have to just press ctrl+alt+delete to restart .
  10. That’s it

Now when you will open your laptop there will be no password .

I hope you all have successfully removed passwords of your laptop and if you have any question regarding this blog you are free to comment below .

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