How To Double Your Smartphone Battery Life ? | 2020

How To Double Your Smartphone Battery Life ?

How To Double Your Smartphone Battery Life

So In this blog i will be talking about the tips and tricks that you can use to double your smartphone battery life . And i promise you that the tricks that i will tell you will definitely work .

So if i give you a thumb rule that the batter manufacturers talk about the lithium battery’s is if you completed 400 charge cycles they 20 % of your batter will be degraded which means that it will not go above 80% after 400 complete charge cycles .

What is charge cycles ?

How To Double Your Smartphone Battery Life

When our phone is charged from 0 to full 100% then one charged cycle is completed . But what about partial charging it means that if you charged your phone form 0 to 50 % then it is a half charged cycle.

The next thing is that is , if a battery is a human being then it would be happy at only 50 % buy if it is at 10 % or even less then it would be not good for its health And when that battery it at 90 or 100% then it is a little bit stressed .

So the best tip is that whenever you charge your phone you should do partial charging . And do not let the battery fall below 20 % and it would be not good for it . So you can charge you batter from 20 % to around 90 % and this type of charging will never harm your battery life. And because of this type of charging you batter life will directly increase around 20 %.

Fast charging

How To Double Your Smartphone Battery Life

Let’s talk about fast charging , now a days all phones are coming with fast chargers and even the mid-range smartphones are provided with fast chargers . But do you know that because of fast charging there is a lot of stress on your phones battery And also you phone is heated a lot . The biggest enemy of your phone’s battery is heat. Try that your phone does not get heat up while charging and to avoid heat while charging you can remove covers of you phone as mobile phone cover traps the heat inside you phone and do not let it escape .

Fast charging charging charges you phones fast but it also puts a lot of stress on you phone battery so you can do is when every you need fast charging urgently then only use your fast charger otherwise you should use a normal charges . And a fact is that if you charge a phone with slow charges it’s batter will last longer as compared to a fast charger.

Overnight charging

There is a question that should we do overnight charging . If you have slow charger like 5W , 8W they you can charge your phone overnight buy if you have a fast charger than you should never charge your phone overnight .

Always keep this in mind that always charge you phone with its original charges that you get in your phone box . Do not use 3rd party after market chargers as these types of chargers degrade you phones battery life and if you by mistake broken or lost you original charger they you should only buy high quality and it’s original mobile charges . Definitely it would be costlier that the 3rd party charger but it would not affect you phone battery life.

And the same thing goes with the chargers cable , as much as your charger is important you cable is also very important . Another tip is that you should not keep you phone or your phones batter in vert hot or cold atmosphere atmosphere as it will also put a lot of strain on your phones battery .

So i want to share another very important thing with you that is when ever you buy a new phone or any old phone and you do not need it now so you will simply switch that phone off and keep it And when you again turn that phone on eg : after 3-4 months then its batter will be degraded a lot . And if you charge the same phone in a week instead of switching it off then it’s battery health would be definitely good.

Now phones have come with amoled display and fast chargers . So the tricks that i will be telling you now will help you a lot and with this trick you can increase your phones battery usage time . For eg if a phones batter is giving you a batter usage time of 10 screen hours then it will give you 14 – 15 hours of battery usage time.

Use a dark wallpaper specially in amoled display phones as because of the dark wallpaper you phone turns of the led’s which are not needed .

Remember that in amoled display phones the most of the battery is consumed by the display and if you will use a dark wallpaper they you display usage will be only 10 – 20 % which will save a lot of batter of your phone.

Display brightness

I have seen most of the people using there phone at 100 % or full brightness as i have told above that most of the batter is consumed by the display . So try to use your phone in low brightness as this will make your battery life very long .

Software updates

When every an update comes do not update your phone immediately as you may have haired that this software contains bugs . So wait for some time before you update your phone.


Do not use apps like facebook as they kill you phone battery , if you want to use facebook you can use there its lite versions. To reduce the battery usage you can go to the phone settings and check the battery usage they which app is consuming the most of the battery of your phone . So with this you can manage the app which is consuming the most of the battery .

So that’s it

I hope you have increased you battery usage so if you have any question regarding this blog you are free to comment below .

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