How To Boost Phone Performance ? 2020

How To Boost Phone Performance ?

Is you phone slow or not fast as it should be then read this blog in which i have provided some tips and tricks on How To Boost Phone Performance.

1. Uninstall apps

So the first step is that you should uninstall the app that you do not use as this will free up some part of you phone’s RAM and if RAM will be freed up then your phone will definitely run fast.

You may already know that when you buy a new phone you phone already contains many app that you do not use so you can delete those apps to increase your phone’s performance.

But the app that already come in the mobile phone may not be deleted so to delete then you can go to your phone settings and then go to the app manager and then you can disable those app .

2. Update your phone.

Make sure that you phone us up to date as this is the thing that you are having the control . If you are not updating you phone time to time then this will decrease your phone’s performance , as companies regularly send up dates to optimize there phones regularly .

But you should be careful while updating your phone as sometimes many updates contains bugs which can also slow up your phone so to avoid that you should wait for sometime when the update comes and you can also do a little bit of research on that update that is do not contains any types of bugs and if the update is secure then you can definitely update you phone to the latest versions.

Some updates are very important for security purposes so you should always keep you phone up to date.

3. Using lite versions of apps.

Most of the popular app have there lite app, So you can use the lite versions which will take up less space as compared to the heavy versions of those app .

If you take eg of the most heavy social media app that is installed in all phone is facebook , Facebook is the most heavy app and because of it you phone may even hang . So if you do not use facebook then you should delete this app from your phone.

And if you want to use facebook and also do not want you phone to be slow then you can use the lite version of it As it will not affect your phones performance.

4. Static Wallpaper

So the thing that you can do next is you can use static wallpapers instead of dynamic wallpapers , As dynamic wallpapers use a lot of resources of your phone as compared to static wallpapers.

You can also use dark wallpapers as they will use less battery as compared to other colorful wallpapers as in dark wallpapers your phones display LED will be turned off and they will consume less battery and with this trick you can increase your phone batter time .

5. Remove Home screen widgets.

If you have a ton of widgets and you barely use then then you should definitely remove then as they as make you phone slower . These keep running in the phones background and they use a lot of resources of your phone.

6. Use a lightweight launcher.

One good thing about android is that you can customize you phone as to your needs. You do not need to install any other 3rd party launcher in you phone you just have to install the launcher that is already provided in your phone .

7. Use a lightweight browser.

you can use a lightweight browser instead of google chrome as it is a heavy browser and it also slow’s up your phone. Chrome is a good browser but it uses up a lot of resource of your phone. You can use lightweight browser such as fire fox , Brave privacy browser. etc.

8. Check that which apps are using most of the resources.

So now you have to check the apps which are using the most of the resources. So to that you can go to settings and then go to the battery menu and see that which app is consuming the battery the most . And if you find an app that you do not And it is running in the background and consuming a lot of battery then you can delete that app of manage that app.

So that’s it .

I hope not you know that How To Boost Phone Performance. If you have any question regarding this article you are free to comment below.

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