How Much Will Neuralink Cost ? #Neuralink

Would you like someone to implant a chip in your brain? It sounds like science fiction but Elon musk’s neuralink may one day really exist. It is a brain-machine interface that aims to help people with spinal injuries and other disabilities.

Neuralink will be able to help a paraplegic move a computer cursor with his/her mind. but one day anyone could use this groundbreaking tech, imagine a world where you can order something from amazon just by thinking about it.

How Much Will Neuralink Cost

So now let’s talk a bit more about How does Neuralink work. Elon musk describes neuralink as a fit-bit in your brain with some tiny wires. His ultimate goal for neuralink is to achieve a full brain machine interface that can reach symbiosis with artificial intelligence.

So he wants humans to be as smart as computers, eventually, artificial intelligence will evolve and leave humans in the dust what neuralink might help up to keep up. There are many things that people will be able to do with neuralink.

People who are suffering from neurological conditions such as paralysis, brain damage, etc, and even depression might be able to use neuralink to lead more normal lives. Human trials are yet not started but when they do, the first challenge would be having a paraplegic operate an iPhone or making mouse clicks on a computer without any physical movement.

It seems like Neuralink is created by a mad genius but science behind this innovative brain ship is not new at all. Scientists have been developing brain machine for many years. The very first brain machine interfaces allowed people to operate mechanical arms and move virtual cursors.

If you decide to implant a neuralink chip installed in your brain you should be aware that the procedure won’t be completed by doctors or scientists, the neuralink chip would be installed by an expensive sewing robot.

The first neuralink prototype was the N1 Sensor and it was very tiny. Including the outer mold the N1 sensor was just 8mm in diameter and four mm tall with 1024 extremely tiny electrodes. This year musk unveiled a brand new prototype that look like a coin.

The link v0.9 chip also has 1024 electrodes the new chip is slightly larger at 23 mm by 8 mm. The v0.9 has all day battery life and is inductively charged to recharge you simply plug a dongle into an outlet and let the chip power up when you sleep.

How Much Will Neuralink Cost ?

So now let’s talk that How Much Will Neuralink Cost ? We know that whenever Elon musk comes with new ideas it’s going to cost a lot of money. The neuralink robotic surgeon alone costs 20 million dollars to build.

Must has pumped 100 million dollars of his own money into the company. Neuralink has received about 158 million dollars in funding so far and with that money musk has been able to hire profile neuro-scientists and develop the costly robot neurosurgeon.

If you are worried that the chip which is implanted in you brain will put strain on your wallet don’t be, neuralink will be a costly procedure when it’s first introduced to the public but musk hopes to get the price down to few thousand dollars.

It includes the cost of the chip and the surgery, luckily the parts used to make the chips aren’t particularly expensive and many of the same materials are used to smartphones would you pay for a neural link chip if it was cheaper than an iphone.

It doesn’t take a genius like musk to see the potential in the neuralink, but Elon musk wants to sell a neuralink chip to anyone who wants one, don’t worry musk isn’t forcing you to have a chip in your brain.

It seem like musk wants to take over the world but he would not be going that far. Musk has been warned about the dangers about the AI for many years and he views neuralink as a last line of defense against an AI uprising.

Some may welcome out new AI overlords but musk isn’t going to let computers enslave us. It seem far-fetched but musk really believes that a skynet-like AI might take over the world. He says that evolving AI is a greater threat to humanity than nuclear weapons.

So are you going to pay thousands of dollars to have a robot implant a chip in your brain. If so let me know in the comments.

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