How Much Does It Cost To Manufacture A Smartphone ?

What is the cost of manufacturing a smartphone ?

How Much Does It Cost To Manufacture A Smartphone

In this article i will tell you the price of all main components that are required to make a smartphone so that you can know the difference of its manufacturing price and sale price.

1. Display

so lets first talk about display . Display is of two types the 1st one is amoled display and the other is IPS display .

The basic price of amoled display is around 15 – 20 $ and the price of IPS display is around 10 – 15 $.

You can see the price gap between both the displays , so to cover this Gap IPS display are use to reduce the phone price.

2. Processor

Qualcomm snapdragon is a 5g processor which costs around 60-70 $ per unit. so as you go higher the price of your processor increases.

3. Battery

The battery which was used in i-phone 6 and is 1800 Mah costs around 4.5 $ per unit where as if we talk about 5,000 Mah battery it costs around 15 $.

4. Charger

If we talk about charger the cost depends on the charging speed of the charger. 18 W charger costs around 7-10 $ if you search it at amazon.

If we add the price of batter and charger around 25-30 $ are required for a 300 $ smartphone.

5. Camera

Now a days the primary camera which is 64 maga pixel . If we use samsung camera sensor it is cheaper than sony sensor . The price of one 64 mp camera is around 30-40 $ and the rest of the cameras which are 8 mp , 13mp are just around 10- 15 $ . If we talk about the camera which is mostly used is 48 mp which cost around 20-25 $ Which is quite cheaper that 64 mp.

6. RAM

Ram comes at different prices for 2 GB, 3GB, 4GB, 8GB, etc . if we talk about 6 GB RAM it costs around 10 $ per unit. but the price can be very different as it Ram comes in many variants such as LPDDR4X, LPDDR5X , etc so price can be very different for them.

7. ROM

There is not much difference between the price of ram and rom they are mostly same. for eg 128 gb Rom is around 10-15 $ per unit.

Total Cost Of Phone

So now let’s talk an e.g of an phone which is POCO X2 this phone has a battery of 4,000 Mah and has a 27 V fast charger it means that 4000 mah battery costs around 15 $ and 27 V fast charger costs around 10 $.

Around 25 $ are for battery and the charger . It contains IPS display which means that it cost around 10-15 $ . So now 25 $ + 15 $ = 35 $.

How Much Does It Cost To Manufacture A Smartphone

It has a processor of 730 g which is around 35 $ . so till now the amount becomes 70 $ . So now we will add the price of its all cameras which are 8 mp, ultra wide , front camera , etc . the cost of cameras becomes around 50$. So the total becomes 120 $ .

How Much Does It Cost To Manufacture A Smartphone

If we add the price of ram and rom 10 $ plus 5 $ because it is 64 GB so the amount becomes 135 $. So the thing that comes out now is that they have a variety of sensors such as fingerprint sensors , face unlock sensor ,etc and many other parts . And if we total the cost of all these parts the cost comes around 50 $ It means that the amount now becomes 170 $.

So the Total cost of this smartphone becomes is 170 $ .

and the price of this smartphone when it was launched was 190 $ it means that they were having a profit around 20 $.

So that’s it i hope have a good time reading this article and have gained some knowledge form this. If you have any question regarding this article you are free to comment below.

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