“How Long Does It Take To 3D Print” For 2021 !

You may be planning to buy a new 3d printer but this question would have come in your mind that “How Long Does It Take To 3D Print” .

Different objects require different printing time for eg : small objects at low quality can be printed in a few minutes whereas big objects at high quality can take many hours or even days to be 3d printed .

So the exact answer to this question “How Long Does It Take To 3D Print” is according to your 3d printing software .

Your 3d printing software can tell you the exact time that the object will take to 3d print .

But that’s not the end let’s further increase out knowledge .

“How Long Does It Take To 3D Print” Depends on :-

1. Dimensions

How Long Does It Take To 3D Print

It is obvious that the object with bigger dimensions will take more time to be printed as compared to a object having small dimensions .

In 3D printer there is a rule that is objects having more height will take more time compared to object with less height no matter whether the object is having smaller or larger dimensions .

2. Footprint

How Long Does It Take To 3D Print

So what is footprint , In simple words footprint is the space occupied by the base of the 3d printer . Now why does time to 3d print depend on Footprint.

As the size of the footprint will increase the time to 3d print will also increase as the printer would have to print more material .

3. Volume

How Long Does It Take To 3D Print

Volume is another factor on which time of 3d printing depends on as if you want to print a object which is hollow it would take less time .

As the object is hollow thus less material had to be printed which reduces the time . But if you want to have a solid and good quality object.

Then you would never keep the object hollow as it would break very easily .

4. Quality

How Long Does It Take To 3D Print

So what if you want a high quality object , it would definitely take more time as compared to less quality object .

In order to print a high-quality object, the 3d printer has to print the object very slow to get good finishing. Now based on quality let’s take an example.

If we print a 20 by 20 mm cube it would take 10 minutes which was on the fastest settings. This cube was printed hollow to achieve less time.

But if we print this same 20 by 20 mm cube and fill that hollow space to get good results then this same cube would take 20 minutes to be printed .

And again if we print this cube at a slower setting to get high-quality 3d printed objects then this would take around 30 minutes.

5. Scaling

Scaling is another factor on which 3d printed time depends on. If we scaled that 20 by 20 mm cube 200 % then this new cube will not take twice the time it will take the time of building 8 small cubes.

As to print bigger object more material has to be printed .

So as we scaled objects to increase their size their time to be 3d printed also increases.

3. Complexity

This is very important for FDM printers as the complexity increase the printer would print slow and the print time will also increase.

Also, the printer had to use many support materials to support such a complex object because of which 3d print time will again increase.

This can take hours sometimes you may even break the object while removing the support material.

How Long Does It Take To 3D Print

How Long Does It Take To 3D Print

20 by 20 mm cube at low settings take around 10 minutes to be 3D printed .

What is the cost of 3d printer.

The starting range of 3d printer is 200 $

What is the Cost of 3d printer fillament .

Usually cost of 3d printer filament starts from around 900 INR

Which is the best and high-quality 3D printer?

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