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You may have seen news car delivering the latest news and they can deliver the news at any time and at any place . So how they do that ? In This Blog we will be talking that “How Does WiFi Work In Cars” ?

We have WiFi at out homes and we use them freely according to out need but we can use that wifi in a limited range so what if we can use that wifi in our car while we are travelling .

Now a days most of the modern cars are coming with WiFi in build in them , Because of which we can access it while we are travelling .

“How Does WiFi Work In Cars” ?

Wifi that works in our cars is very similar to the Wifi that works at our homes. The way in which we install the wifi in our homes.

For eg : we chose the data plans according to our needs and then we apply for it and then the router is installed in out house .

Similarly we have to chose the data plan according to out needs and then we can install that router in out cars .

When the WiFi in the vehicle is turned on then a type of hotspot is turned on from which the passengers in the vehicle car connect that wifi and access it .

“How to install WiFi in cars” ?

There are two main ways by which you can install wifi in car the first one which is the best solution is that some cars already come with wifi integration .

So if you are having that type of car then there will be an option for inserting the sim card and there you can simply add your issued sim card .

And that”s it now you can easily access Wifi in you car . But what is your car does not have a Wifi option pre-installed in it .

Most of the smartphone are having an hotspot option in them which is very similar to Wifi . So you can turn on that option and then everyone in the vehicle can access it by just connecting it.

So i hope now you got to know that How Does WiFi Work In Cars work . If you have any question regarding this blog you are free to comment below.

How Does WiFi Work In Cars

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