“How Does 3D Printer Work” ? Gurri blogger.

“How Does 3D Printer Work” ?

How Does 3D Printer Work

3d printing is the most exciting technologies in the twenty first century . But there are a ton of 3d printing techniques out there .

So today we will be talking about the four most common varieties . Let’s start with the first method which is ;

1. FDM

FDM stands for Fused Deposition Modeling . If you seem a 3d printer with a person then it may be a FDM Printer . So how does it work ?

Basically a FDM printer works like a hot glue gun that’s been operated by a robot . A solid material which is known as the filament goes into the one end and then melts and then deposits in thin layers.

This happens over and over until an 3 dimensional object is formed . So in other words FDM 3d printing is much like 2d printing but the difference is that when each layer is completed the nozzle moves a little bit upwards.

2. SLA

SLA stands for Stereolithography , here is a mind effort for you . The SLA uses light to made 3d objects . These types of printer can create far finer details than the FMD printer.


Another type of 3d printer is a Laser center . In this type of 3d printer the object is made up with the help of a high powered laser .

In this the laser is projected on a bed of super fine powder and then it use the thin particle to make up a stultify layer.

The machine then sweeps more powder over the layer and repeats the process until the object is made. This process is not common is all 3d printers .

But this on the industrial side it is use to create large and durable objects of metal .


So the last 3d printing technique is the poly jet . This is the mixture of FDM and SLA . Poly jet machines spread out tiny droplets of photo reactive resins on to a surface and then immediately hardens that droplets with the help of ultraviolet light.

And then this process is repeated hundreds of times to create a final product. The best thing of this method is that it is super fast and produces a good quality product.

But these types of printer are too costly , they cost around ten’s of thousand of dollars which is out of reach of most of the people .

So now let’s talk about 3d printing in the real world which is in the reach in the people like me .

One awesome example that has completely changed the world is Fedex . The thing about cross Fedex is that every limb needs to be customized for each individual which makes difficult for the cross Fedex for the mass produced.

But now with the help of 3d printing you can scan a person leg or body and then you can 3d print it So that it can fit in the unique geometry of the body.

We are not only printing limbs now , we are 3d printing organs too . Scientists have successfully 3d printed a miny human heart .

This heart is partially functional and is now being use for many researches. there are chances that it would may become fully functional and the scientists are fully confident that this 3d printed head would become fully functional in the next few years.

This types of hearts can be used for thousands of transplant surgeries .

So now let’s talk about shoes.

Nike is running away with 3d printed technology and it recently introduced Fly print a 3d printed textile for your upper sneakers.

Because they are 3d printed the shoes can be rapidly customized for a specific sport or an athlete . This type of shoe making is 15 times faster that normal shoe making process.

3d printing is also now being used for the constructional basis to make the house . With 3d printer you can build a house in a single day .

These houses are around 800 sq feet and costs less than 5000 $ . With 3d printing technologies houses can be made cheaper and quicker.

Not only house are 3d printed , ships that take around 2-3 years to completely build up can now be 3d printed in around 19 days with the complete interior .

3d printing allows studios to 3d print their custom props and cheaper than the traditional methods .

Can you imagine that food can also be 3d printed . food like burgers , sushi ,etc are now being 3d printed with the help of eatable material like rice and other stuff.

So this is just the beginning , in the few years we can’t tell that what we will start 3d printing .

If you have any question or suggestion regarding this article you are free to comment below.

How Does 3D Printer Work

How Does 3D Printer Work

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