How do Solar Panels Work? | How To Save Electricity ?

how do solar panels work

In this article i will be letting you know that how do solar panes work How do they produce electricity.

See to make solar cell we need silicone and it can be easily obtained from sand . When Sand is heated along with carbon to 2000’c silicone can be easily separated from it.

Silicone is a semi-conductor of electricity it means that in some cases it will conduct electricity and in some cases it will not.

so silicone is used to make solar cells , outer cells of silicone has 4 electrons and to this silicone we do doping with aluminium as it has three outer electrons.

How do solar panels work

Silicone is divided into 2 types which is P-type and N-type One is negative and one is positive these are formed after doping of aluminium.

The p-type has less electrons and the N-type has more number of electrons So like this two types of electrons are formed.

N-type has became negative as it has more number of negative electrons it means that it has more phosphorus and if phosphorus is more then the electron will leave its place and then move to the other side.

If we look at the p-type , it has became positive as it has less number of electrons , where electrons are less there is a hole. In the p-type aluminium is mixed and thus the aluminum will also go to the other side. And then the both types will share there electrons and when they share their electrons then an area is formed which is know as the area of depletion.

how do solar panes work

This are restricts the movement of electrons and this type of area is know as p-n junction.

The N-Type has more number of electrons and if we give them heat then they their neutron will start coming outside , the depletion zone will restrict the electrons from coming inside . If we attach a wire to the other side then the electrons will start coming outside through it .

And with this our circuit is completed and if we attach a bulb with it then the bulb will glow.

The flow of electron is called current so we can easily collect the current into the batteries and use it further.

By this process scientists made solar cells . This biggest problem with a solar cell is that it produce a direct current and direction of direct current cannot be changed so it can be stored into batteries but we want direct current ac so want a inverter.

In this inverted we can store electricity and then use it in future but if you want to use electricity in the presence of sun then you do not want an inverter.

How do solar panels work.

A lot of investment has to be made in the construction of solar plant and thus they do not use a battery , they use inverter to collect electricity and then concert it into ac current.

In solar cells there are many layers in them . The main is of the glass this glass helps the solar cell from breakage, dust and rusting.

The biggest problem with solar cell is that if there would be no layer of glass on it then it would reflect most of the heat that it gets. The glass had a special layer that do not let the heat to reflect back.

how solar energy works

If the heat would be send back then how would we get electricity , so a layer of glass if present on it to prevent the heat to bounce back.

Another layer is present under the glass which is know as the encapsulant. It protects the glass from moisture and rusting and absorbs the energy that has be came.

A single solar cell gives out electricity around 0.5 volt which is even not enough to run a fan so these solar cell are grouped together to form a module which can give out 36 volt . So when these solar modules are also grouped together then they form solar panel. And when these are arranged in a more number then they form an Array.

how to save electricity

There are 3 types of solar panels which are :

1. Mono Crystalline : This is considered as the best solar panel. They can work even in the low light or clouds. This can provide you more voltage and has a good life.

2. Poly Crystalline : This has a quite lower quality . It cannot work in lower light or in the presence of clouds and it provides less voltage as compared to Mono crystalline.

3. Thin film : This is a very thin layer of solar cells so it is rarely used.

So the whole world is trying to increase the usage of solar panels and save the environment and electricity I hope you will also contribute and help the world to be eco friendly .

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