Difference Between Phone And Dslr Camera | Can It Beat Dslr ?

Difference Between Phone And Dslr Camera ?

Difference Between Phone And Dslr Camera

Smartphone cameras have improved a lot over the years , the flagship smartphones of these days have great photos and videos .

Because of this reason usage of point and shoot cameras have reduced a lot. So can a smartphone replace an DSLR let’s find out.

To understand the difference here is a real life eg :

There are two plates, One is bigger and the other is smaller so basically the photo is the captured with the help of light and if the light is more then definitely the quality of the photo will be increase .

So now the bigger plate is a dslr’s sensor and the smaller plate is phones sensor. And you may also have haired about megapixels , In this eg we can assumes megapixels as oranges.

So when you are hungry and you go to a restaurant , you order you favorite dish and the restaurant provides you the dish in small bowls.

And on the other hand if you go to the other restaurant they provide you the same dish in large bowls because of which you will be very happy.

So similarly in phones size of pixels is smaller thus they are more in number whereas in DSLS’s the size of pixels is greater thus they are more in number.

And the small pixels also do not work properly . So you will be satisfies with the big bowls and the small bowl will not work for you.

When you to purchase your mobile phone you can see that the phone comes with 64mp, 128mp, etc. Which are quite more in no that the DSLR’s pixels.

So in the eg i have told you that the plate is a sensor and the bigger is the sensor the more number of oranges it can hold and if we talk in technical terms we can conclude that the bigger the sensor is the more amount of light it can absorb and if the amount is more then of the quality of the image will be good.

So to click good quality images sensor size is very important and the second most important thing is aperture of the lens . Aperture is the the hole present in the camera that absorbs light and the third thing is megapixels and the fourth thing is processor, yes processor is also very important in clicking good photos as the work of the processor is to make the image look amazing , it increases the details in the image and edit the photos and it also removes background.

If you have ever noticed that there is no camera sensor size on the box of phone as if it would be there you cannot be fooled.

So what should be done to get to know the sensor size of the camera so that you cannot be fooled.

There is a website named device specification you can go that website and type the name of the phone of which you want to know the sensor size of you and also get the deep details of the phone on it.

so s usual DSLR wins.

So that’s it

I hope you all have a good time reading this article , if you have any question regarding this article you are free to comment below.

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