7 Things About 3d Printer You May Not Have Known !

3d Printer

The 3d printing industry is growing very fast and it will soon disrupt our world as we know it . Since 1980’s technology has changed a lot .

And now a days ever person can use 3d printer who has 200 $ or more. of course you need to know that how it’s used and you also need the patience for the entire project.

You can make anything with it . Many people make jewelry with the 3d printer. Its great thing for creative people and adventurous people .

13 Things About 3d Printer :-

1. You Can Print Very Expensive Pieces with 3d printer.

Every modern 3d printer can even print tiny hair like items or very big constructional pieces as well . Depending of the type of material they use.

The printed object has more value as compared to the simple objects.

2. All Planes Will Soon Have 3d Printed Parts.

You may know that planes are fully fade up of metal and after many years they are modernized . Most planes are now being made with 3d printer.

But don’t worry they are using the hardest metal that is titanium to print the planes . This easy way of making parts will save a lot of time to us.

Can you imagine that The ships that take 2-3 years to completely build up are now being 3d printed within 19 days with complete interior .

3. Swedish Luxury Sports Car Has 3d Printed Components In The Car ?

This Luxury can has 3d printed components in it . If you are not a sports car lover they you may not know about this car But this is the most fast and limited addition can in the world .

The company was started 21 years ago and they only make 15 cars per year.

4. Medicines Will Benefit The Most Our Of This Technology .

The next thing on our printing list are humans . The technology has grown so much that now a days small things can be printed and then it can be used of medical purposes.

This will help the new born babies and the downers to find the match . With 3d printer we can print organs , veins , body parts and every other thing .

5. It’s A $ 7 Billion Dollars Industry And Growing .

3d Printing is quite a new technology And because of this new technology normal printer might go to sleep . Living in this digital era , it seems that this company is doing very well .

3d Printing was worth over $ 7 Billion and in 5 years it’s expected to be around $ 32 Billion . It might be a good time for investing in 3d printing .

Well prices are low and profits are high enough .

6. Guns Can Be Printed And Then Used By Anyone.

As i have already told that 3d printer can use a many type of material including metals . So it’s possible in some parts of world .

Guns can be 3d printed and as they become more popular , The US has regulated that this can’t be out of control .

The digital 3d printer had to designed in such a way that it cannot design a fire arm . Those were the few regulations imposed by the US department.

7. Gender Gap Is A Problem In 3d Printing Companies.

Because the 3d printing industry is more of a technical field , Many people have a tendency to look for men . Just like programming there are lot of girls that enjoy engineering This has let to a major gender gap .

One of the country that has this major gap is China .

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